Book Cover Designs from Gibson Publishing

If you need a skilled design team to help you with ideas for your book cover, let us help. We are based in Tunbridge Wells and cover all of East Sussex and Kent.

Design & Layout

Your vision – Our experts

From saddle-stitched binding to perfect-bound, by using the Gibson Self-Publishing process we can guide you through your book’s right size, material and layout - from an A5 booklet in hardback or paperback, to a colourful, large, square and glossy coffee-table book. 

We will then take your work and set it into superb quality print-acceptable files, which in turn will produce a gleaming original copy for you to hold and feel, to show to your family and friends and be able to have a final proofread, prior to your giving us the go-ahead to proceed with the finished print-run. (Last-minute minor alterations at this stage are done free of charge.)

As for your book’s all-important cover . . . Well – you will find our designers to be just about ‘the tops’ when it comes to creating your product’s ‘packaging’, with which you are sure to be absolutely delighted. You may even be happy for your readers to judge your book by its cover! In accordance with the terms of our ‘bespoke’ service we will work one-to-one with you the whole way through, to make absolutely sure that you get exactly what you want . . . even though you may not know what it is yourself yet!
Do you have an idea in mind for the design of your book? Our team at Gibson Publishing specialises in book cover designs. 
We serve Tunbridge Wells, Kent and East Sussex. Call us on 0800 644 0824
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