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Haunted Harborough - Mike Eason

Haunted Harborough - Mike Eason

As this was my first attempt at self-publishing, I scrutinised every publishing company I could in order to get the best price, value for money and expertise to help me every step of the way. Gibson publishing ticked every box. They guided me through the whole process and were always just a phone call or email away, to answer any questions I had. 
I cannot thank them enough for their patience, understanding and professionalism in helping me make the right choices in getting my book registered, published and listed on major retailers' websites. They made the whole process straightforward and waylaid any fears or suspicions I may have had regarding handing over my manuscript to a company I had found online.
Their advice was invaluable, their service exceptional. I felt that all of their team was working toward the single purpose of making my book the best it could be. Choosing them again for my next project goes without saying!

The Colour of London - Piers Treacher

I genuinely cannot thank Gibson Publishing enough for their help, support, encouragement and patience during the process of turning my manuscript into something that people are now buying.
It really feels like I’m part of a team, with everyone working towards making my book a success. Their proofreader gave me some excellent editorial advice and the cover design ended up better than I could possibly have hoped for. I felt in control at every stage, yet they were always on hand to present the different options and help me come to the right decision. My ongoing gratitude to all involved.
Something Odd... - Claire Carpenter

Something Odd... - Claire Carpenter

I used Gibson Publishing to publish my second book “Something Odd…”, and they were exceptional. There are so many options when you’re self publishing, such as printing method, paper type, hard or soft cover, what to do after it’s published. It’s easy to feel bewildered and overwhelmed. They helped me through the whole process and put me at ease.
One of the best things was that they provided a proof that was identical to the final product, which is very reassuring. I’ll be using them to publish my next book and can definitely recommend them to anyone else.
Tango & Flow - David Pullinger

Tango & Flow - David Pullinger

Thank you - the books arrived safely and on schedule. They look and feel very good - thank you.
I am pleased with them. They feel excellent quality and as if they will last well. The reproduction of the photos has come out particularly well. 
The first batch was delivered to dance shop this morning ready to load onto their lorry to Blackpool Dance Festival tonight. So once again, I appreciate your scheduling that enabled me to meet this time scale. 
I'm very pleased with my choice of your company even at slightly more than the alternatives from which I had quotes. Your personal service was outstanding, final product excellent and flexibility to meet time scale essential. I would be happy to use you again for future books.
How to be a Pop Sensation - Pete Moody

How to be a Pop Sensation - Pete Moody

Having now gone through the entire process, I still receive guidance and support which is really helping my work reach its full market potential. My initial call to Gibson Publishing was the moment that my dream was on the road to reality. I would urge any author to take full advantage of the invaluable ‘extra mile’ service that Gibson Publishing provides.
My book has been an ongoing project for many years and something that I have put my heart and soul into. When I decided to go the ‘self-publishing’ route I was faced with a wealth of companies making a variety of claims and offers. During my quest for the ‘right’ package I spoke to Gibson Publishing.
Immediately it was obvious that they were professional, friendly and as passionate about my project as I was. Throughout the process, they have provided support and advice that far exceeded my expectations. It was such a relief to be so expertly guided through every step of publishing my book. They made the initially daunting task of self publishing a pleasurable and exciting journey.
Wayfinder Woman - Laura Murphy

Wayfinder Woman - Laura Murphy

There are so many publishing houses out there that it’s easy to get bewildered by the whole thing. I chose Gibson through recommendation and they lived up to the hype! Russell treated me with respect and valued what I was trying to achieve with this motivational book for women; doing their very best to make the final product into what I envisaged. And succeeded.  
Throughout the whole process, they were patient, encouraging and reassuring and you felt that you were the only person they were dealing with, so focused was their attention. What I particularly valued was having a printed proof that could then be altered if necessary. It was so much better to have a product in my hand, rather than just seeing it on the screen, as it truly does look very different in print. I could then authorise full printing with complete confidence in the final product.  
I would be more than happy to recommend Gibson Publishing to anyone who’s contemplating being published.
Loretta Cox - In At The Deep End

Loretta Cox - In At The Deep End

When I began the process of looking for a publisher, I came across Gibson Publishing, their website was very easy to navigate and everything was explained well, they have truly lived up to my expectations. 
They talked me through different stages and could not have been more helpful. The process was made very easy for me which is a huge blessing, not only did they do exactly "what it says on the tin," but it was super fast too.
I cannot begin to thank Gibson Publishing enough, what a joy!
Corrupted - Emmy Yoshida

Corrupted - Emmy Yoshida

I would highly recommend Gibson publishing to anyone who is thinking of self-publishing. Their service and support was exceptional, and they have helped me realise my ambitions of becoming a published author. From the very first meeting I was confident that they were the company I was looking for. They have offered me outstanding support and advice throughout every stage of their service. 
Their proofreaders helped me to get my manuscript polished and ready for print, their cover designers came up with original ideas that transcended my expectations, and I have found them to be encouraging and knowledgeable, always there for me whenever I have needed them. Although my book has now been published, they are still giving me the help I need to get it out there and into the hands of readers.
Altogether my experience with them has been brilliant and I am sure I will use them when I decide to publish my next novel. I can't thank them enough.
The Little Book of Tube Etiquette - Laura King

The Little Book of Tube Etiquette - Laura King

I published my first book, The Little Book of Tube Etiquette, through Gibson Publishing in December 2011. The thing that most struck me about the company was the enthusiasm of their representative. I dealt with the same person throughout the process and their advice and knowledge of the industry was excellent. I had written the book when I contacted Gibson Publishing but I needed an illustrator to help me.
The quality of the illustrator used by them was outstanding and many of those who have read my book have commented on the genius of the artist.
The representative worked with the illustrator and I as a team and they were both amazing at bringing the ideas in my head to life. Following my book being published, I have had consistent follow up support in marketing and sales and my book has been listed with the wholesalers as well as appearing in the national, local and online press all thanks to Gibson Publishing.
As a result, the book is now being sold in Waterstones, WH Smith, Cards Galore, Foyles and many online retailers. I thoroughly recommend using Gibson Publishing. You will not be disappointed.
Out of the Game - Mary Goodyear

Out of the Game - Mary Goodyear

I had a first novel I'd wanted to publish for some years. It had been rejected by lots of agents and publishers so in the end, I decided to do it myself. The only problem was I knew nothing about the process and when I Google'd 'self-publishing' I could see there was quite a bit of hard work involved and lots of things that could go wrong. 
Then I found Gibson Publishing - a name amongst other companies on the Internet - but I chose them because of their promise to do it all for me. Plus, they sounded friendly and supportive which, when you're trying to make a book out of a manuscript that has been rejected by all and sundry, is massively important.
They have been as good - in fact better - than their advertising and have helped at every stage of proceedings. They went through the book and made some useful suggestions in terms of improving grammar and sense, as well as layout and typos. They discussed and then found me a photograph and helped turn it into a striking cover, got the ISBN number and the distributor, printed the book, sent copies over to me in Guernsey where I live (the whole process has had to be done at a distance) and have been helpful since then, with all sorts of suggestions for marketing and PR. 
Inevitably, I had, and have still, lots of questions, which Russell always answers with knowledge and patience. After the total indifference of the rest of the publishing world his friendliness and enthusiasm are heartening. I'm now one third of the way through my second novel and am looking forward to working with Gibson Publishing again."
Out of the Game - Mary Goodyear

Brian Terry - The Data Miners

I went to Gibson Publishing to publish my first book, The Data Miners, and the warm relationship built between myself and Russell Gibson was a major factor in continuing to use the Company.
I chose them again for my next six books and they produced superlative books. Choosing them again for my next project goes without saying.
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