Proof Reading

Proofreading by industry experts 
in Tunbridge Wells.

Finished writing your book? Count on our professionals for our fine copy-editing and proofreading services before you think of publishing it. Contact Gibson Publishing in East Sussex to find out more.

Proof reading

Check twice, print once

Even the most accomplished of writers will become overfamiliar with their own work and make grammatical or spelling mistakes, or even just suffer from the occasional dose of ‘fat fingers’. Proof reading is even more essential when you are self-publishing because it is your reputation, your money and your product – not covered by a multi-million pound publishing house. We understand that, and that is why we have the best proofreaders on call to assist you. These are fully trained and experienced to pick up on even the slightest potential mistake or lack of clarity in your message.

We offer a first chapter proofread free of charge to help you decide if you need this service, and to make you feel comfortable with our level of expertise in this field. Furthermore, once the proofread is finished and all amends made, you have another chance at the final proof stage to check again one last time if you are happy before you go to print and make any last minute amends.
Copy-editing and proofreading are essential aspects of publishing. 
Let Gibson Publishing take care of it. We serve Kent, East Sussex and Tunbridge Wells
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